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ImaginationPlay's range of indoor playground equipment are designed to encourage a creative and exciting indoor playground environment. We have hundred's of fantastic indoor equipment designs that create a maze of padded playing sections throughout massive structure's of endless fun. ImaginationPlay's unique huge three lane slide design also adds an impressive "WOW" feature to any indoor playground design.

Children can weave along hundreds of challenging indoor obsticles, brightly coloured tubes, slides, bubble panels and hundred's more interactive concepts. If you are interested in putting in an indoor playground equipment play centre then please don't hesitate to contact us and arrange one of our friendly salesperson's to come out and help with your construction from start to finish and all throughout the operating of your exciting indoor playground play centre. If you can not find what your after then why not have a look at our other section at IPE who have many other indoor playground equipment designs and uesful information about play centres.


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