Steel Frame

The frame is made from 50mm galvanized steel pipe and is fitted using one piece alloy clamps. This means the clamp can never fall off ensuring the structure cannot become loose and unstable. Grid sizes for all indoor structures are 1.25m x 1.25m or 1.5625 square meters. Larger decks mean more space when kids cross paths within the structure. Compared to a 1m grid system used by other companies our system has 56% more space available. See our deck insertion when comparing grid sizes for playgrounds.

Safety Netting

When considering safety for indoor playground equipment the netting component is paramount. Safety netting is used to guard children from falling out of the structure when crawling around at great heights. Our netting is fixed by hand stitching each and every grid of net to the steel frame. Each knot used is individually tied and is independent of the next which ensures that should the netting fail the next knot will hold strong. Some companies use rods which are zip tied to the frame. Should the zip ties fail which is common, a gap large enough to allow a small child to fit through will be created. Our system means you spend less time inspecting your equipment and more time serving customers. Our system requires significantly more time to install however we do not compromise safety for savings.

Foam Pads

Foam pads are used to cover all steel frame work and are made from high density foam which is covered by what’s known as tuff skin. This material is a low density plastic which provides excellent protection from vandalism and excessive wear. You can expect the tuff skin foam to last twice as long as regular uncovered foam. This product is expensive to replace and longer lasting means less running costs.


EVA flooring is available as a soft clean surface for indoor play structures. This material is a high density foam product that clips together to form a soft floor surface. Should any damage occur to the floor surface you can easily repair by unclipping one panel and replacing with another. The repaired surface is just like new and can be self installed in about 1 minute. If damage occurs to surfaces such as industrial carpet a patch is required which is unsightly and requires professional installation.

Open Three Lane Slides.

This slide is unique in that the slide is made from single slide sections which bolt together snuggly to form the slide. Each section is one lane wide and rises to a height of 1.2m. This gives you the option of including one, two or three lanes wide. Infact, you could make as many lanes wide as required. The sides are bolted on separately and provide a safe guide keeping the user in control. Deck heights available are 2.4m high, 3.6m high or 4.8m high. The flexibility of this slide makes it a winner over other brands.


Other items such as flexible tunnels, flexible bridges and trampolines are made using nylon seat strap material which is rated and triple stitched. Fixings are zinc plated or stainless steel.

Vinyl Products

Components like Inflatable’s, soft steps, inclined ramps, rollers, panels and platforms are made using laminated timber covered by commercial grade foam and commercial grade vinyl. Our vinyl is rated by weight, our vinyl weighs 650 grams per square meter. More weight means a longer lasting product saving on running costs. Vinyl is available in a range of colours.

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