Outdoor play equipment is vastly different to other play structures. it is subject to all of nature's elements such as the wind, the rain and the sun. Taking into account these elements.

We have designed outdoor playground equipment that will handle all of these conditions. For further information visit our playground safety standards section which comprises a lot of useful information regarding our compliance in design and manufacture on all of our outdoor range. We also discuss and list all of the Australian Standards specifications regarding Playground equipment.




Post clamp means placing a clamp around the post. This means that there is no cutting or drilling into the post structure which compromises strength, durability and integrity.

Our post and clamp system is made from 100% aluminum practically eliminating in ground rusting.

All outdoor decks and staircases are covered in UV rated pvc rubber coating which provides a non slip tread surface whilst protecting against rust and everyday wear.

The other advantage of the post clamping system is the ease of removing, relocating or changing the heights of the playground items. By this we mean if you had a monkey bar that was only 1 metre high and the users of the playground were much taller or shorter you can easily raise or lower the height of the monkey bars to suit the children's requirements. The clamp system simply hugs the pole and once the monkey bars have been adjusted in heights then there are no unsightly drill holes or marks on the pole where they once were placed. Asthetically this an oustanding design when manupulating playground equipment but the main key factor is there are no exposed holes that will encourage rust to form and eventually destroy any other play equipment. For more information regrading this please visit our detailed playground specifcations section.